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Let us show that we care!

Get senior discounts, as well as save on repair labor and tune-up towards your next appliance repair.

Here are your coupons to help you save on our appliance repair services!

Seniors Save 10% on Appliance Repair Service Labor

Our company believes in the good old fashion ways of manners & respect. It’s our neighborhood where we were brought-up to always be respectful to our elders. It has become a legacy, and one way we want to show that respect is to offer 10% discount on all repair services for senior citizens!

SAVE $10 on Every Appliance Repair in Your Area!

Save on appliance repair and parts with an immediate $10 OFF on all repair and parts.

More Discounts

Yes! More discounts!

We have upheld our policy of “never charging by the hour” for over 15 years.

We only charge for the service, and we stay with you as long as the work is done, and the repair area is sparkling clean! Now, we’re taking our offer to a whole new level with immediate discount on all appliance repair — a saving of $10 on every repair!

What are you waiting for? All you have to do is mention the coupon code, You Do Not Need to Print it Out, and our technician will apply the discount to your appliance repair cost.


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